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The key features of any Wide Area Network (WAN) are its ability to link multiple geographically dispersed locations together with no limitations, offering rich, uninterruptable data and application availability across all locations within the network.

For it to be considered a true private network, it needs to be properly designed with security in mind from the start. This includes the specifics of the network being provisioned for the business it is for, as well as the underlying infrastructure on which it is built, together with the process by which it is managed, the systems which are used to manage it, resolve problems and make moves and changes, and the manner in which it interfaces with the outside world. All this needs to be implemented within a security-focused framework.

For example, the practice of using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) running over the public internet increases your cybersecurity exposure and adds to the costs for physical hardware, licenses and meeting compliancy requirements like PCI-DSS.

To illustrate this further: if a customer links one thousand geographically dispersed locations together with traditional VPN technology there are one thousand entry points into the customer’s network from the public internet. Aside from the added security vulnerability, all 1,000 of these locations is in scope for compliancy and security risk assessment due to this direct connection to the public internet. With a Blaze private network there is only one entry point, no matter how many locations the customer brings into the private network solution.

A Blaze private network has only one highly available entry point into the customer’s network from the public internet. This entry point is secured with advanced gateway technology from leading security manufacturer Fortinet. Customers who utilise the private network benefit by concentrating their security investment in this area. This reduces budget requirements and the customer’s PCI DSS security scope significantly as well as drastically reducing the customer attack surface. Ultimately this offers clients better security than traditional network architectures which route across the public internet.

Topology diagram of the Blaze Private Core Network

Advantages for Multi-site Businesses of a Private Wide Area Network from Blaze

There is more to a Private Wide Area Network than security, of course. Dependable, cost-effective performance with bandwidth designed to match your specific business needs and uses are key.

Among the advantages of using a Private Network from Blaze are the following:

Network Security

Blaze Networks are a Managed Services Provider (MSP) whose approach to networking delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability. We offer customers Private and Secure SD-WAN networks, built around our own Blaze Private Core Network.

Pro-Active Network Management

The last thing your business needs to worry about is your networks and connectivity. Card payment networks, POS systems, WiFi, back-office systems “in the cloud” – they all should just be there. Always.

Blaze puts everything in place for you to get connected and then manages it for you, so you stay that way. Blaze Networks pro-actively monitor all your sites, so any interruption will be brief. We can be sorting things out before anyone tells us to!

SD-WAN Networks for Improved Network Resilience and Management

Blaze Networks helps multi-site organisations such as retailers, hospitality and leisure businesses run on highly reliable and secure Private SD-WAN networks. We provide hassle-free setup and management of wide area network connections that are secure by design.

Regulatory Compliance and Network Security – Sorted!

Technical disruption, cyber-security attacks, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and the PCI-DSS card payments requirements all need to be managed. Our network enables you to avoid compliancy headaches: we are certified as meeting the exacting requirements of PCI-DSS, helping to ensure the security of your branches’ card transactions as well as links to back-office systems.

Industry-Leading 6-hour SLA

Blaze Networks are focused on delivering outstanding customer service: we offer no-hostage contracts (just 30 day notice are available, excepting Ethernet connections), and a 6 hour SLA on network service. Your peace of mind and the hassle we remove from your business means we have the highest level of customer retention: a 100% customer retention rate.

We create bespoke private networks to match each customer’s specific requirements, which often incorporate Private SD-WAN networks. Learn more about or Private SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and SD-Branch solutions:

Blaze Private SD-WAN Networks

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We partner with leading manufacturers like Microsoft, Fortinet, Veeam, Bitdefender, Cisco, Lenovo, Mitel and other industry-leaders.

In doing so, Blaze have access to a vast array of products that allow us to overcome our customers’ business challenges and requirements.

Blaze is a Microsoft Solutions Partner

Blaze is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Tier 1 Microsoft CSP Partner. We specialise in Microsoft 365 (including Teams and Teams Phone System), in Microsoft On-Premise and Hosted / Cloud Infrastructure (including Azure), and enable businesses to continue their digital evolution by fully exploiting the latest capabilities of Microsoft products as they evolve.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Blaze has demonstrated a broad capability to help customers boost productivity and make the shift to hybrid work using Microsoft 365.


Blaze is an Expert Partner of Fortinet, a global industry leader in the supply of secure networking infrastructure systems. Fortinet are our technology partner of choice when building customer-specific Private SD-WANs, and Blaze is one of only a handful of Fortinet SD-WAN Specialization Partners in the UK and a Fortinet top-level Expert Partner. Blaze is also a Fortinet-accredited Managed Secure Solutions Provider (MSSP) and Integrator Fortinet partner. A Leader in several of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, the Fortinet platform combines excellent performance with advanced security features, superb manageability, and excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per Mbps.

Blaze Networks is a Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Silver Partner

Veeam is a highly respected leader in cloud-based backup and recovery software, data protection and advanced monitoring in the data centre.

Blaze is a Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Silver Partner and we have combined Veeam technology with our highly secure Blaze Cloud™ infrastructure to produce BlazeVault™, a highly dependable, secure, and resource-efficient solution which will keep downtime to an absolute minimum in the event of data loss in operational systems or ransomware attack.

Blaze is a Bitdefender Gold MSP Partner

Blaze is a Bitdefender Gold MSP Partner. Bitdefender is a global cybersecurity leader protecting over 500 million systems through OEM technology partnerships, including with many global IT companies. Tests show it is unmatched in Attack Prevention. Based on Bitdefender technology, Blaze Endpoint Protection hardens endpoints to prevent malware and malicious attacks, and it provides the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to dynamically respond to security incidents when they evade protection controls. Blaze Managed EDR keeps your organisation safe with 24×7 security monitoring, advanced attack prevention, detection and remediation.

Cisco Select Partner Logo

Cisco has long been the world’s pre-eminent network systems vendor, particularly for technology used at the core of major corporate networks and the internet. In addition to using Cisco equipment within our customers’ private networks, Blaze incorporates Cisco technology into the heart of our own network operations; the Blaze Private Core Network is built utilising Enterprise-class CISCO core routing equipment.